Who's behind this website?

About Me

When it comes to a bathroom, it is important that design and application go hand in hand. That is exactly why detailed, well thought-out planning is the necessary basis of every good bathroom.

Precisely this aspect is what has fascinated and interested me for as long as I can remember. For this reason, I decided to pursue a career in this field after completing my basic school education.

Afterwards I worked in the field of bathroom construction, restoration and renovation for twenty years.

Then I decided to turn the knowledge I compiled over the years into lessons, allowing me to pass it on. To you!


Professional background

Immediately after graduating, I completed several vocational apprenticeships and eventually decided to specialise in the field of bathrooms.

I spent several years working at various companies and gained a lot of valuable knowledge. 

Finally, I became self-employed and founded my own company focusing on bathroom renovation. After many successful years, I sold it and I now found my passion sharing my experience and knowledge with other people through online courses.

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